Foundation made of bars

For durability and robustness we recommend installing the greenhouse on foundations, for the following reasons:

1. The foundations serve as the structure’s base and provide underlying rigidity
2. The foundations prevent the greenhouses’ soil from being washed by streams of water.
3. The upper edge of the foundations should be higher than the land level. This provides the structure’s best protection from corrosion, and increases the greenhouse’s total height and volume.
4.The foundations provide resistance to wind and snow loads due to the frame’s secure fixing, serving as the greenhouse’s anchor.

  Our company can use environmentally-friendly material as the foundations, such as timber bars of 150х100 and 100х100. A greenhouse of 3 meters wide and 4 meters long and a greenhouse of 6 meters long requires 3 bars of 6 meters long.

WARNING! After installing the greenhouse on bars it should be dug round to prevent wind buffeting, greenhouse shifting or turning upside down. In areas with strong wind we recommend additional fixing to the foundations made of bars to soil by right stakes (included in the delivery kit).


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Foundation made of bars
Foundation made of bars
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