Piles for foundation


Foundations made from galvanized piles are designated for greenhouses installing without bars.
Piles are made of square shaped galvanized piping to prevent corrosion and ensure the foundations’ durability. A greenhouse 4 meters long will require 14 piles, for each subsequent 2 meters you will need extra 4 piles.
The piles should be installed in the soil into hollows dug beforehand by a shovel. Piles should be placed in a dug hollow and covered over with soil. After installing the greenhouse on piles, it should be dug round.
To prevent wind buffeting, the greenhouse should be dug round.To prevent wind buffeting you can use galvanized curbs

The benefits of using this kind of piles
Galvanized piles are made of durable material, not apt to corrosion. They reliably fix the greenhouse to the soil and completely prevent its shifting tendency. They are quite handy during transportation.

The downsides of piles are the longer time for such foundation installation, compared to that required to install foundations made of bars; besides their installation shall be made on flat plots and plots with a mild slope.

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